Illume, 2 Galaup St, Little Bay NSW

Charge Up Your Life in Style: Your Own EV Charging Station Awaits in Eastern Sydney’s Suburbs

The future of eco-friendly and convenient living has arrived in Eastern Sydney’s suburbs within the multi-unit residential building, Illume at 2 Galaup St Little Bay. With 179 individual apartments, this building is leading the charge in allowing residents to install their own personal EV charging station, located in their very own car spot, just like the one in question, apartment 311.

Gone are the days of having to wait in line or share a charging station with others in the building. With the commitment from their building manager Tanya McManus from TL Building Management Services, residents of Illume can take advantage of the latest technology and have their own charging stations installed, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience.

22kw EV charging station managed by Colussus and Exploren
Colussus 22KW EV charging station with load, user, and billing management sitting in lot 311

But questions remain unanswered, should the owner rent or sell the apartment to an EV owner? If they rent it, what type of money should they charge on top of the weekly rent if any? How much value does this add to the apartment and how much value does this type of service add to the complex knowing there’s no red tape to install your own EV charging station? This is a debate that has taken social media by storm, with opinions divided. Is it better to sell the apartment and give a green-thumbed EV owner the chance to make the most of the charging station or should it be rented to someone who values the convenience and eco-friendliness of having their own personal charging station?

The owner’s choice, a Volvo XC40

The owners’ corporation of Illume had always envisioned providing their residents with an up-to-date and convenient living experience. This is why they chose Colussus as their EV charging station provider, as Colussus stood out from the rest with their custom infrastructure build and an advanced three-phase charging system, complete with software for load, user, and billing management.

Illume is a prime example of a building that has taken the future of EV charging into consideration and gone above and beyond to protect each individual strata member and the strata plan lot. The installation of these charging stations is just one of the many ways that Illume is setting a new standard for eco-friendly and convenient living in Eastern Sydney’s suburbs. With this innovative solution, residents can now charge up their lives in style and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having their own personal EV charging station.

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Compliments are paid to Tanya McManus as she has demonstrated the symbol of what a true pioneer represents in the world of sustainable living. As a forward-thinking leader in the industry, Tanya is setting the standard for what it means to provide environmentally responsible and convenient solutions for apartment building residents. She has managed the installation of a solar array for common power and has ensured the building has its own on-site water recycling. With her expertise and commitment to excellence, EV owners can trust that Tanya McManus from TL Building Management Services will provide the best possible solutions for installing EV chargers in her own car parks. Her innovative approach and dedication to sustainability will no doubt make her sought after by those looking to invest in a more eco-friendly future.

Join the debate on social media and let us know your thoughts on whether apartment 311’s owner should rent or sell their apartment and to what type of owner, EV or a petrol head? Will you be the next one to take advantage of this groundbreaking opportunity? #colussus #Illume #ChargeUpYourLife #GreenLiving #evcharging #apartmentEVcharging #volvo #polestar #hyundai #nissan #Jaguar #audi #mercedesbenz #BMW #Kia #MG #mini #renault #porsche #volkswagon #tesla


Viva City is now EV READY!

Viva City in Lidcombe, NSW is a near-new residential development that is paving the way for sustainable living. To meet the growing demand for electric vehicles (EVs), Colussus has installed their EV charging station solution with the first three charging stations. This new solution is connected to the building’s main power supply and is controlled with Exploren and managed exclusively by Colussus and Randall Electrics.

The cost of charging your electric vehicle (EV) can add up quickly, especially if you rely on street charging stations that can charge anywhere from 40c to 70c per kilowatt hour (kWh). However, residents of Viva City in Lidcombe, NSW have the advantage of charging their EVs at home for a fraction of the cost, thanks to Colussus’ EV charging station solution. The cost of charging at home is just 30c per kWh, representing significant savings compared to street pricing.

Let’s compare the cost savings of charging at home versus charging on the street. If we take the average street pricing of 55c per kWh, charging your EV at home with Colussus’ solution would save you 25% (55c – 30c = 25%). If we compare it to the highest street price of 70c per kWh, charging at home would result in a savings of 57% (70c – 30c = 40%).

The cost-saving benefits of charging your EV at home with Colussus’ EV charging station solution in Viva City are clear. With prices sitting at just 30c per kWh, residents can save anywhere from 25% to 57% compared to street pricing. This represents a significant saving for EV owners and is just one more reason to be excited about the new charging solution.

The new EV charging stations are a major step forward for Viva City residents. With the convenience of charging their EVs right at home, residents can enjoy the benefits of sustainable living without sacrificing convenience. The charging stations are equipped with the latest technology, ensuring fast and efficient charging for EVs.

To ensure that the charging station solution remains reliable and efficient, all future installations will be managed by Colussus and Randall Electrics, a team of highly skilled electricians. This will ensure that the charging station solution is installed to the highest standards and that it continues to meet the needs of Viva City residents.

With the addition of EV charging stations, Viva City is setting an example for other residential developments to follow. By providing a sustainable and convenient solution for EV owners, Viva City is helping to promote the adoption of EVs and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. This is a major step towards a more sustainable future, and we can expect to see more developments like Viva City in the near future.

The installation of Colussus’ EV charging station solution in Viva City is a major step forward for sustainable living. With reliable and efficient charging stations, residents can enjoy the benefits of EVs without sacrificing convenience. With future installations being managed by Colussus and Randall Electrics, we can be sure that the charging station solution will continue to meet the needs of Viva City residents for many years to come.

Ubiquity Long Range Public WIFI access point – 150m radius

The installation of public WiFi in Viva City’s B1 car park by Colussus brings numerous benefits to residents. Not only does it provide fast and reliable internet access, but it also offers a solution for areas with limited or no 4G or 5G mobile reception. This can be particularly beneficial for those who need to stay connected while they wait for their vehicles to charge.

One of the biggest benefits of public WiFi in car parks is the added safety it provides. In the event of an emergency, having access to the internet can be crucial for making calls, accessing information, or seeking help. Additionally, families with children can use the internet to entertain themselves or do school work while waiting for their vehicle to charge.

Another key benefit is the convenience it provides for people who need to work from their vehicles. With fast and reliable internet access, residents can take care of work calls, send emails, and complete tasks without having to leave the comfort of their vehicles. This can be especially helpful for those who need to take calls in private or who want to avoid interruptions from other residents in the building.

The installation of public WiFi in Viva City’s B1 car park offers numerous benefits for residents. With fast and reliable internet access, residents can stay connected, stay safe, and get work done while they wait for their vehicles to charge. The long-range coverage of the hot spot ensures that residents will be able to access the internet from most areas of the car park, making it a truly useful and convenient solution.

Ocular charging station charging a Tesla.

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are becoming increasingly common in apartment buildings. With the growing popularity of EVs, it is essential that strata management and strata committees only install charging stations with load management capabilities. This is to ensure that the electricity supply remains stable and does not overload, causing power outages for all residents in the building.

Installing an EV charging station in a house power circuit can lead to a number of problems. Firstly, residents will have no idea how much energy is being used, making it difficult to monitor and control their electricity consumption. Additionally, if too much energy is being used, it can cause an overload in the power circuit, leading to a blackout in the entire building. This can be extremely disruptive to the peace and enjoyment of all residents.

Load management systems are specifically designed to ensure that the electricity supply remains stable, even when multiple EVs are being charged at the same time. This technology is able to monitor the electricity consumption of each charging station, and adjust the charging speed accordingly. This helps to prevent power outages and ensure that all residents in the building have access to reliable electricity.

In conclusion, it is essential that strata management and strata committees only install EV charging stations with load management capabilities. This will ensure that the electricity supply remains stable and does not cause any disruptions for residents in the building. By choosing load management systems, strata committees, and management can help to create a sustainable and efficient energy system, that benefits everyone in the building.

If you manage any type of strata and would like Colussus to install a solution, please contact our team at 1800592255 or email us at

311-2-galaup-st-little-bay is for sale with own EV charger

311/2 Galaup St Little Bay is For Sale with its own EV Charger

You may have read from our post on the 11th of February 2023 that one of our customers was trying to make a decision on whether they should sell or rent their 3-bedroom apartment in Little Bay. Those that have their own electric vehicle are in luck!

Behold a coastal paradise with modern marvels aplenty, where the stunning sea meets the shimmering sky. Nestled in the heart of Little Bay, a bright and airy abode awaits, with dynamic views that are sure to take your breath away. This three-bedroom apartment is a testament to style and sophistication, boasting a well-considered open-plan layout, with high shadow line ceilings and sleek timber flooring that radiates warmth and elegance.

But that’s not all! This magnificent dwelling comes with its very own private EV charger, a rare gem indeed, as less than 1% of apartment buildings in the area have a shared charging station, let alone one managed by the esteemed Colussus. Imagine the convenience and peace of mind that comes with charging your electric vehicle from the comfort of your own secure car space, knowing that you are saving the planet and saving on fuel costs at the same time. And with a mere 30c per kWh to charge your vehicle, you can rest assured that your wallet will thank you too.

22kw EV charging station managed by Colussus and Exploren

Step out onto the wide balcony, where you can immerse yourself in the coastal lifestyle, surrounded by rainforest landscaping and well-maintained contemporary common areas. The balcony’s sheltered alcove provides the perfect spot to entertain guests while taking in the impressive district views across Botany Bay and Sydney Airport.

Relax in the comfort of your spacious main bedroom, complete with an ample walk-in wardrobe, ensuite with a deep soaking tub, AC, and balcony access. The second bedroom is full-sized, whilst the third bedroom offers versatility, perfect for use as a study or nursery. Stylish bathrooms with incorporated cabinetry and quality refined finishes add a touch of elegance to this already beautiful abode.

Conveniently located opposite Solarch Avenue playground and park, and within walking distance to Little Bay Beach, trendy alfresco cafés, restaurants, boutique shops, and a well-stocked local grocery store. You’ll never run out of things to do in this vibrant community.

Secure your vehicle in the private car space directly opposite the lift, complete with a storage cage. With intercom and lift access, this security building offers a peaceful sanctuary amidst beautifully green and lush common areas.

Indulge in the luxury of a modern coastal lifestyle with private EV charging at 311/2 Galaup Street, Little Bay. Make this apartment your home today!

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22kw EV charging station managed by Colussus and Exploren

2 Galaup St, Little Bay

2 Galaup St Little Bay, NSW has been at the forefront of innovation in sustainability and renewable energy. Recently, the building has taken the next step in reducing its carbon footprint by installing an electric vehicle (EV) charging station network with advanced load management, user and billing management systems.

Capturing the complex of 2 Galaup St, Little Bay

The importance of load management in this system cannot be overstated. It ensures that the power available in the building is distributed fairly and effectively, protecting the power availability for all residents. With the increasing popularity of EVs, the demand for charging stations is also growing. Without proper load management, this could lead to overloading the building’s power supply and potentially causing brownouts or blackouts.

However, 2 Galaup St Little Bay, NSW has taken a proactive approach by partnering with Colussus, a leader in the EV charging industry, to create a future-proof solution for all residents. Colussus has designed a cutting-edge load management system that balances the power demand and ensures that the building’s power supply remains stable even during peak usage times.

Additionally, Colussus has implemented a user and billing management system that makes it easy for residents to access the charging stations and monitor their usage and costs. This system is intuitive and user-friendly, making it accessible to even those who are not familiar with EVs or charging technology.

An individuals charging station that is not shared with others in the car park

Overall, 2 Galaup St Little Bay, NSW is setting an example for the rest of the country in the integration of sustainable energy solutions. With the installation of the EV charging station network, the building is helping to reduce carbon emissions and promote a cleaner, greener future. The load management system provides peace of mind to all residents, ensuring that they have access to reliable and sustainable power, now and in the future.

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