Illume, 2 Galaup St, Little Bay NSW

Charge Up Your Life in Style: Your Own EV Charging Station Awaits in Eastern Sydney’s Suburbs

The future of eco-friendly and convenient living has arrived in Eastern Sydney’s suburbs within the multi-unit residential building, Illume at 2 Galaup St Little Bay. With 179 individual apartments, this building is leading the charge in allowing residents to install their own personal EV charging station, located in their very own car spot, just like the one in question, apartment 311.

Gone are the days of having to wait in line or share a charging station with others in the building. With the commitment from their building manager Tanya McManus from TL Building Management Services, residents of Illume can take advantage of the latest technology and have their own charging stations installed, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience.

22kw EV charging station managed by Colussus and Exploren
Colussus 22KW EV charging station with load, user, and billing management sitting in lot 311

But questions remain unanswered, should the owner rent or sell the apartment to an EV owner? If they rent it, what type of money should they charge on top of the weekly rent if any? How much value does this add to the apartment and how much value does this type of service add to the complex knowing there’s no red tape to install your own EV charging station? This is a debate that has taken social media by storm, with opinions divided. Is it better to sell the apartment and give a green-thumbed EV owner the chance to make the most of the charging station or should it be rented to someone who values the convenience and eco-friendliness of having their own personal charging station?

The owner’s choice, a Volvo XC40

The owners’ corporation of Illume had always envisioned providing their residents with an up-to-date and convenient living experience. This is why they chose Colussus as their EV charging station provider, as Colussus stood out from the rest with their custom infrastructure build and an advanced three-phase charging system, complete with software for load, user, and billing management.

Illume is a prime example of a building that has taken the future of EV charging into consideration and gone above and beyond to protect each individual strata member and the strata plan lot. The installation of these charging stations is just one of the many ways that Illume is setting a new standard for eco-friendly and convenient living in Eastern Sydney’s suburbs. With this innovative solution, residents can now charge up their lives in style and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having their own personal EV charging station.

Illume, 2 Galaup St, Little Bay NSW | For all sales and service, call 1800 59 22 55 or send your inquiry to

Compliments are paid to Tanya McManus as she has demonstrated the symbol of what a true pioneer represents in the world of sustainable living. As a forward-thinking leader in the industry, Tanya is setting the standard for what it means to provide environmentally responsible and convenient solutions for apartment building residents. She has managed the installation of a solar array for common power and has ensured the building has its own on-site water recycling. With her expertise and commitment to excellence, EV owners can trust that Tanya McManus from TL Building Management Services will provide the best possible solutions for installing EV chargers in her own car parks. Her innovative approach and dedication to sustainability will no doubt make her sought after by those looking to invest in a more eco-friendly future.

Join the debate on social media and let us know your thoughts on whether apartment 311’s owner should rent or sell their apartment and to what type of owner, EV or a petrol head? Will you be the next one to take advantage of this groundbreaking opportunity? #colussus #Illume #ChargeUpYourLife #GreenLiving #evcharging #apartmentEVcharging #volvo #polestar #hyundai #nissan #Jaguar #audi #mercedesbenz #BMW #Kia #MG #mini #renault #porsche #volkswagon #tesla


  1. Justine

    Definitely should rent it out. I can’t seem to access any properties in the market where there’s an EV charger in common property let alone a private car space. I’d pay an extra $25 a week for the convenience.

  2. John

    I think the owner should sell the apartment to a petrolhead. They would appreciate the car spot more and they would not have to worry about the hassle of charging an EV.

  3. Sarah

    As an EV owner, I would definitely rent this apartment. It’s already set up for an EV charging station, so why not make use of it?

  4. David

    I partly agree with John. Any buyer should be able to get this regardless if they have an EV or not. I can see the benefits of charging in your own spot, however.

  5. Lily

    As an environmentalist, I believe the owner should rent the apartment to an EV owner. We need to encourage the use of clean energy and EVs are the future.

  6. Tom

    I think the owner should sell the apartment to an EV owner. The apartment is already set up for a charging station, so it would be a perfect fit.

  7. Rachel

    I agree with Lily. We need to support the use of clean energy, and renting to an EV owner would be a step in the right direction.

  8. Grace

    As an EV owner, I would rent this apartment. In fact, please send me the rental link so I can pay a visit and submit a rental application. Any idea what it would be going for?

  9. Jeremy

    As a “petrolhead”, I’m really sick of paying such high prices for petrol. It’s gone up again this week. $2.29 I paid for 98. Its a joke. I’d definitely look at this place if I had an EV. Anyone recommend certain EV brands that isnt Tesla?

  10. Craig

    I have an EV and am SICK TO DEATH of waiting for an EV charging station to be made available. I’m in the market for a new apartment. Might look at this. Share the link when it goes live.

  11. Paris

    This site is a valuable resource for anyone curious in learning about a variety of subjects. Thanks for all that you do.

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